Street art, graffiti, dripping, abstract or figurative art, the art of Akacha is a whole, a unique and authentic mixture.

This artist concocts his artistic recipe with a lot of love and humor.

He uses all the magical ingredients of a life full of emotions of actions and memories.

Born in Arianna in the great Tunis in a popular district Akasha tells us in his works a very colorful life and full of anecdotes that accumulate on the canvas in a unique parade.
The art of Akasha tells us the quoted in a graphic sketch that explodes the reality as it feels, full of colors, characters, upheavals and sensitivity.

Does he see things differently?


Certainly but without detaching itself from the elements specific to the street and always faithful to the child he was, formerly between the walls of Tunis.

He keeps the freshness, the mockery and the amusement in every canvas in the least stroke and the least character.
Encompassed and vertiginous, his works invite the viewer to travel in the fabulous world of his varied imagination.


If we can resist? Try ! The attraction will be stronger than a tide that takes you into this mysterious universe to become a character in this gigantic scene